POLIBLEND S.p.A., a leader in the field of engineering plastics and polyamide resins, is the founder of a solid group of companies that together make up compose POLIBLEND Group.

Leading company of the group produces and sells on the global market various basic technopolymer ( PA-PBT-POM), elastomeric modified, reinforced and filled, flame retardant, lubricated.

With a wide range of dedicated extruders, it is a leader in the manufacturing and sale of coloured masterbatches and of specific additives.

With dedicated installation, it is specialized in the production of thermoplastic elastomers compounds starting to various bases, intended to the globalized market.

It markets, mainly in central Italy, a wide range of techno polymers and elastomers, coming from several qualified suppliers.

Sales of techno polymers, additives, coloured masters and thermoplastic elastomers in the entire Spanish market.

MAZZERGRIP GD is the italian company leader in thermal insulation for windows and doors.

Poliblend Deutschland: das Unternehmen mit Sitz in Heilbronn, Deutschland, ist als Tochterunternehmen von Poliblend das unternehmenseigene Vertriebsbüro für den deutschprachigen Raum.