Vendita e produzione resine poliammidiche

Over the years, Poliblend continued on the road that had originally undertaken: to specialize in the production of polyamide resins.

A choice that has allowed the company to offer competitive and innovative products.

lean and flexible company, Poliblend has currently reached a very high production capacity that has been made possible by a series of very timely investments in production technologies.

The sale and manufacture of polyamide resins is now the core business of Poliblend.

Poliblend is above all reliability, high availability and a good value for money, so it’s not only a supplier and manufacture of polyamide resins, but also a partner able to offer a technical advisory support.

The sale and manufacture polyamide resins covers all major sectors: automotive, electrical, appliances, mechanics, textiles and clothing.

The sale and production of polyamide resins is not the only activity, the production company's range also includes:
POM acetal resins (homopolymer and copolymer);
PBT, a crystalline product suitable to meet several technical applications;
polycarbonate in different versions formulation;

In the sales and production of polyamide resins, it is required not only the modification of a base solution for a specific application, but also the formulation suitable for a certain type of mold of the  customer mold.

The production of polyamide resins Poliblend, is not only about standard products, but also filled polyamide, colored, self-extinguishing, elastomerized.

Recently, in the polyamide resins production, Poliblend has developed new interesting formulations with important technological achievements, who have already found a good success: cadmium-free products with high thermal characteristics and colorimetric stability during processing.

In the sale and production of nylon resins - in the field of flame-retardant resins - has been developed by engineers Poliblend a new type of product, based on the use of masterbatches, which simplifies processing and implies a lower mechanical and thermal stress on the product.

Some self-extinguishing products Poliblend have obtained UL approval.

Poliblend deals with sale and production of polyamide resins.
The polyamides are generally identified with numbers indicating the carbon atoms contained in the respective monomers.

The production of industrial polyamide resins can occur via different routes: the polycondensation in the molten state, the polycondensation for ring opening and the one at low temperature solution.

The sale of polyamide resins has the most well-known trademark on "Nylon".

The DuPont company invented nylon in the late 30s of the century and now there are endless types of this product on the bases PA6, PA6.6, PA6.6.6, PA6.12, PA6.10, such as:
not reinforced
normal or long glass fiber reinforced
for fast cycles
resistant to impact
hydrolysis stabilized
self-extinguishing with or without glass fiber
with glass and graphite
with glass and mineral filler
toughened and reinforced
High viscosity
for applications in hot oil
UV stabilized
low friction and low wear

Some types are also usable in the food industry as approved for food or drinking water contact.