Vendita e produzione tecnopolimeri

Quality, innovation and efficiency are the keys to success of POLIBLEND, together with a corporate philosophy of prompt delivery and comprehensive logistics.

Founded in 1999, in recent years Poliblend has made significant progress in the field of plastics and in the sale and production of thermoplastic polymers and, by further developing the important know-how of its staff in the field of polyamide resins. Poliblend today boasts an efficient and widespread ogistics structure: three freight depots in Lombardia, Emilia and Veneto and agreements with several retailers abroad.

Poliblend, in thermoplastics sales and production (ie polymers that, at certain temperature ranges, can be elaborated), has opted for continuity, the same strategy of the past years. It has in fact continued to use its strengths: prompt response, order fulfillment, promotion of innovative and quality products.

"No sooner said than done. Ask will be your only time loss "is the slogan chosen by Poliblend to exploit precisely these characteristics of speed and timing.

An appropriate compound must be developed for the thermoplastic sale and production, from a technical and economic point of view and for each application. Of course, an operation of this kind requires experience and a strong contribution of the specialized technical personnel. For this reason Poliblend tries to present itself not only for the simple thermoplastic sales and production, but also as a partner able to offer a technical advisory support
For the sale and production of thermoplastic polymers Poliblend has a control center, furnished with modern and advanced research ad laboratory equipment, which employs technicians who are in constant professional development. Each product output and every incoming raw materials are tested and enclosed with a statement analysis and data sheet.
Since the Group was created, Poliblend  has formed Polimeri Italia in order to increase its strengths in the market, which includes several managers with extensive knowledge of the market.
Polimeri Italia was created to develop an activity of brokerage, with the aim to provide the market with the products with the best value for money, always in the field of polymer resins and thermoplastics.

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