Application Fields

Application Fields

The increasing use of plastics instead of metals pushed Ascend towards finding alternative materials with equivalent characteristics of stiffness and strength.
Among the principal advantages of these products, compared to metals, there are the relative simplicity of machining and processing advantages, the reduced weight of the product, ease of availability of raw materials with a consequent lesser environmental impact.

Main fields of application:
Household appliance
Construction industry
Main characteristics:
Excellent dimensional stability
High mechanical performance
Excellent surface finishing
High load value at break
Excellent electrical conductivity

Research and Development

When someone enters our group, they assimilate our ways of acting and enrich us with their personal contribution.
The process therefore is not heterodirected but consists in a constant exchange of thoughts and actions based on four simple values.

Study, Test, Qualify

For the development of products and for quality control, Poliblend by Ascend uses its own laboratories that allow to perform:
Analysis DSC, TGA, FT-IR, Verification of physical and rheological properties, Mechanical, thermal and electrical characterization, Evaluation of behaviour on fire (UL, GWT), Accelerated aging (temperature, humidity, UV), Colour control, Ad-hoc analysis for the customer

Study, Test, Qualify
Certified Quality

Certified Quality

The certification of its Quality System according to ISO 9001 for development, production and sale of engineering plastics, in combination with the ISO TS 16949 for the automotive sector and the latest ISO 14001 for Environment, significantly qualifies Ascend throughout its structure and products.